Taken是斯皮尔博格(Steven Spielberg)拍的电视剧,讲述了三个家族三代人和外星人的故事。也许正是外星人这个远离现实生活的话题,才给了我们足够的高度,以审视生命,审视我们自身。

Why do people want so desperately not to be alone? Why is it more comforting to think you are being watched than to know that no one at all is watching? And why, really, does that make us any less alone? In the end, if there are others out there, then wouldn”t we be, all of us, still alone together?

I have this idea about why people do the terrible things they do. Same reason little kids push each other on the schoolyard. If you”re the one doing the pushing, then you”re not going to be the one who gets pushed. If you”re the monster, then nothing will be waiting in the shadows to jump out at you. It”s pretty simple, really. People do the terrible things they do because they”re sacred.


We”re all standing on the edge of a cliff, all the time, every day, a cliff we”re all going over. Our choice isn”t about that. Our choice is about whether we want to go kicking and screaming or whether we might want to open our eyes and our hearts to what happens once we start to fall.


When you”re little, you like to think you know everything, but the last thing you really want is to know too much. What you really want is for grownups to make the world a safe place where dreams can come true and promises are never broken. And when you”re little, it doesn”t seem like a lot to ask.


Christmas is all about hope. Kids hope for new toys. You get older, and the toys get bigger, but the hope stays the same. Some people might hope for peace on Earth or maybe for a better tomorrow, whatever their idea of that might be, but most people still just want something bright and shiny and new.


People like to examine the things that frighten them, to look at them and give them names, so saints look for God, and scientists look for evidence. They”re both just trying to take away the mystery, to take away the fear.


People talk a lot as if the most important thing in life is to always see things for what they really are. But everything we do, every plan we make is kind of a lie. We”re closing our eyes and pretending the day won”t ever come when we won”t need to make any more plans. Hope is the biggest lie there is, and it is the best. You have to keep going as if it all mattered, or else we wouldn”t keep going at all.


People believe what they want to believe. They find meaning where they can, and they cling to it. In the end, it really doesn”t matter what”s a trick and what”s true. What matters is that people believe.


I don”t know what will happen next. I don”t know what I”m going to be, what I”m going to learn, but what I do know is this-life, all life, is about asking questions, not about knowing answers. It is wanting to see what”s over the next hill that keeps us all going. We have to keep asking questions, wanting to understand. Even when we know we”ll never find the answers, we have to keep on asking the questions.



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