Thoughts on The Absense of Field

The Absence of Field” is the name of Episode 3 of West World Season 3. It alleged comes from Mark Strand’s poem “Keeping Things Whole“. My thoughts has been lingering around the name for some time, for the intriguing nature of imagery.

A field is intangible, yet observable, quite a resemblance to a soul. In the poem, a field is missing “I” stand in the way, while in the show, Charlotte is no longer she herself because someone else is in her body. Either case, the absence is caused by some existence.

Who am I then, if not part of a field? What soul really mean, for Charlotte not really being Charlotte?

“I” move to keep things whole. Hmm… Isn’t that an echo to the idea of soul is just a pattern, an “emergence” from perpetual motion in a lifetime?