Donde Voy (Where I Go)

这几天迷上了Donde Voy这首歌,两个版本反反复复许多遍,像是渗到骨子里。原曲源自西班牙民谣,美籍墨西哥裔女歌手Tish Hinojosa在1989年收录在她的专辑《Homeland》里。而英文版是齐豫后来重填的词,收录在她96年的专辑《Tears》里。


All alone I started my journey
To the darkness for darkness I go
With a reason, I stopped for a moment
In this world full of pleasure so frail

Town after town on I travel
Pass through faces I know and know not
Like a bird in flight, sometimes I topple
Time and time again, just farewells

Donde voy, donde voy
Day by day, my story unfolds
Solo estoy, solo estoy
All alone as the day I was born

Till you eyes rest on mine, I shall wander
No more darkness I know and know not
For your sweetness I traded my freedom
Not knowing a farewell awaits

You know, hearts can be repeatedly broken
Making room for the harrows to come
Along with my sorrows I buried
My tears, my smile, your name

Donde voy, donde voy
Songs of love tales I sing for no more
Solo estoy, solo estoy
Once again with my shadows I roam

Donde voy, donde voy
All alone as the day I was born
Solo estoy, solo estoy
Still alone with my shadows I roam


Donde Voy (Where I Go)

Madrugada me ve corriendo
(Daybreak finds me running)
Bajo cielo que empieza color
(Under a sky that’s beginning to color)
No me salgas sol a nombrar me
(Sun please don’t expose me)
A la fuerza de “la migracion”
(To the force of “the migration”)

Un dolor que siento en el pecho
(The pain that I feel in my chest)
Es mi alma que llere de amor
(Is my heart that hurts with love)
Pienso en ti y tus brazos que esperan
(I think of you and your arms that wait)
Tus besos y tu passion
(Your kisses and your passion)

Donde voy, donde voy
(Where I go, where I go)
Esperanza es mi destinacion
(Hope is my destination)
Solo estoy, solo estoy
(I’m alone, I’m alone)
Por el monte profugo me voy
(through the desert, a fugitive, I go)

Dias semanas y meces
(Days, weeks, and months)
Pasa muy lejos de ti
(Pass far away from you)
Muy pronto te llega un dinero
(Siib you’ll receive some money)
Yo te quiero tener junto a mi
(I want to have you near me)

El trabajo me llena las horas
(Work fills my hours)
Tu risa no puedo olividar
(Your laughter I can’t forget)
Vivir sin tu amor no es vida
(To live without your love isn’t living)
Vivir de profugo es igual
(To live as a fugitave is the same)



4 Responses to “Donde Voy (Where I Go)”
  1. Dali says:

    齐豫唱的不好听,确切的说她唱什么都一样腔调,和旋律无关:D 喜欢西班牙版本,有风情有味道的小调~

  2. Dunoy says:


  3. Snower says:


  4. naomi says:

    “All alone as the day I was bron”——born拼写错误。

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