Luc Besson的Atlantis

看了吕克贝松的91年的片子Atlantis,拍的真是美。当大章鱼气定神闲地掠过,缓缓地游向海的深处。长长的触角拖在两侧,好像国王巡游时黑色的披风。还有Manta Ray游过的时候。。。



One by one
Forget the everyday sounds, words, and symbols of mordern life
Forget theatre of glass, metal and fabric
Forget the streets which everyday bring you closer to the future

Welcome to the world of Atlantis, the original world

Here man was born
Here man matured, like a prince inheriting a kindom
though this world without gravity
this world without chaos
his senses have been educated
this beautiful and gernerous sea, has offered him eternal gifts of love, tenderness, rhythm, grace, soul and spirit

One by one
Forget every memory of the past
Forget everything you know and dive, deeper and deeper
into the world of millions years ago
to the time when this wonderful idea of life
is going to become irreality

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