How To Configure the KDE 3.3 Menu manually (without KMenuEdit)

Main file (.menu file) detailing system-wide default menu structure is /etc/xdg/menus/
Menu directories (.directory files) are stored in /usr/share/desktop-directories/
System-wide Menu entries (.desktop files) are stored in many places.
Gnome applications: /opt/gnome/share/applications
KDE applications: /opt/kde3/share/applications/kde
or /usr/share/applications/kde
Other Applications: /usr/share/applications

K Menu Icon Size for openSUSE desktop

  • Open your favorite text editor. Edit the file located at ~/.kde/share/config/kickerrc
  • Go to the [menus] section of this file.
  • Edit (or add, if it isn’t there) the “MenuEntryHeight=” variable to be the height, in pixels, that you wish the K Menu icons to appear.
  • Save and quit.
  • Restart the KDE Panels with this command: dcop kicker Panel restart
  • SUSE Style/KickOff Menu


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